Viviscal Professional Review In Tatler


Viviscal Professional Review In Tatler

Our friends at Viviscal Professional offer a rich plethora of hair care products. The company biog provides more details….

“Viviscal Professional is a safe and proven hair growth treatment that has attracted the attention of women and men everywhere who desire longer, thicker, and healthier hair. Viviscal Professional has also proven to be successful in people suffering from hair loss and thinning related to stress, poor nutrition, illness, over-processing, and other stressors on hair and scalp condition. Below you will find content and links to Viviscal reviews and commentary from the press, hair professionals and celebrities.

Viviscal Professional’s media profile is growing in stature with a number of positive review received from industry professionals across multiple media outlets. A recent review in Tatler Hair Guide 2017 from Natali Kelly (Aesthetic Practitioner from Omniya Clinic, London) on PRP treatments offers an insightful article explaining the treatment processes involved….

“Balding at the crown, receding hairlines and things looking altogether too sparse up top are Natali’s specialities. She will inspect a chap’s damage, take a blood sample and extract growth factors (stay with us), before injecting it back into the scalp (deep breath) with a mechanised pen. It bolsters the follicles, Natali claims, and she’ll send him home with a course of Viviscal (supplements that support hair growth). A course of three sessions, six weeks apart, is recommended. Our Verdict We’re not saying that he’ll enjoy the flurry of injections to his scalp (he won’t). But the effects make it worthwhile: scalps are less visible, and hair looks genuinely thicker. Result!”

You can view the full article feature here.
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